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Riverviews Artspace

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Perspective Presents:  Phoenix

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Riverviews Artspace

Lightning Bugs

Inaugural Midwest Dramatist  Conference, 2017

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Hilton Garden Inn, Olathe, KS

Line Dry 

Fade to Black Reading Series

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Royal Shir'ee thank you so much for trusting me to tell the story of " Line Dry". My experience with the character Eddie was very explosive and challenging. The role reveal a smorgasbord of emotions, it tapped into joy, laughter, fear and hate. Eddie took me on a journey of what it must be like to live the life of an abuse child, and wife. Through the scope of a director it forced me not to compromise the truth that exist in abusive relationships and to put a face to the horror. Bravo Royal!!! ~~ Brenda Bebe Wilson

Royal, thank you for the distinct honor of allowing me to play Lollie in your play Line Dry. I could feel Lollie's protection of and empathy for her sister Eddie for all she went through first with her father then her husband. It was a pleasure to be on stage with Bebe who did an awesome job bringing Eddie to life. I am truly blessed to have been a part of the Fade to Black Reading Festival and as Lollie in Line Dry. ~~ Barbara Starkes


The Caregiver:  Disturbing Images of Your Future

(a documentary)

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