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Performing Newtown: A multifaceted perspective into collaborative historiography

“Communities Close Up:  An Exhumation of Newtown, Virginia.”

  • She Persisted: Thirty Ten-Minute Plays by Women over Forty

Applause Acting Series) Paperback – November 1, 2021

by Lawrence Harbison (Editor)

Jacquelyn Reingold (Preface)

Theresa Rebeck (Introduction)

Lightning Bugs


A night in the country is the perfect place to be sixty years later.  After sixty years from the homestead, an old couple revisits the place where they remember their firsts.

  • She Persisted:  One Hundred Monologues from Plays by Women Over Forty

by Lawrence Harbison (Editor),

Jacquelyn Reingold (Preface),

Theresa Rebeck (Introduction)

Publisher: ‎ Applause (November 1, 2021)

Victory, excerpted from IDENTITY Crisis

Victory had a hard time being black, especially when her boyfriend found out.  Near 20 years old, Victory looks like Daddy.  She passed as white, denying her mother.  Down South, white meant survival.  She's black.  Victory learned the hard way.  She became ashamed of her black heritage.  Light-skinned like her father, she hears about “passing” as white.  After a violent assault from her boyfriend and his friends, Victory's mama made the decision to send Victory to New York for her safety.  

Victory's Mama, excerpted from IDENTITY Crisis

Mama saw the light in the lost.  When Victory, Mama's only child, has an identity crisis, Mama knows that the spirit of Victor, Victory's very light-skinned deceased father, was never gone and that he'd bring the lost home, and then she'd be able to go on to Glory.


  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Original Works Publishing (May 5, 2013)

Cat House

Willow and Vester just had their last supper together.

When Lady dies and the kittens are taken away, Vester tries to comfort mourning Willow. She misses everything about Lady, especially her cooking, because Vester brings the same thing home, every day. But it tasted different this time. He finally confesses where it came from and she realizes that's the place all the cats have been talking about.

About Honor Roll!

"Honor Roll! is an advocacy and action group of women+ playwrights over forty—and our allies—whose goal is our inclusion in theater. The term "women+" refers to a spectrum of gender identification that includes women, non-binary identifiers, and trans. We are the generation excluded at the outset of our careers because of sexism, now overlooked because of ageism. We celebrate diversity in theater, and work to call attention to the negative impact of age discrimination alongside gender, race, ethnicity, faith, socioeconomic status, disability, and sexual orientation in the American Theatre and beyond."

"These women are in their forties and fifties and sixties, and they have been writing a long time, and they are at the height of their craft. These are tight, complex, nuanced pieces of writing, which no one has seen because for too long they weren't looking.

These are important writers, and important plays."

—Theresa Rebeck, from the introduction

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